17 A visit from a Pen Pal: Listen mới nhất



Tim Jones7 Mexican penpal, Carlo, is visiting the USA. Listen to their conversation and check (tích) the numbers of the correct pictures (Carlo, người bạn thư tín người Me-xi-cô của Tim Jones đang viếng thăm nước Mỹ. Lắng nghe cuộc nói chuyện của họ và đánh dấu vào bức hình đúng.)

Phần đọc trong băng

Tim : Are you hungry, Carlo ?

Carlo: Yes !

Tim : Okey. Let;s go to a restaurant downtown. If we go through the park, we can catch a bus on Ocean Drive.

Carlo : That7s fine. I really like walking in the park.

YouVe lucky to have a place like this close to your home. It7s so beautiful with all the trees and flowers and a pond in the middle.

Tim : Carlo! Be careful! YouVe walking on the grass. The park keeper is growing some more – you^l kill the new grass !

Carlo : Oh, sorry. I dicing see the sign.

Tim : Come on . It7s time we caught the bus

Carlo : Is that our bus, Tim ?

Tim : No, that7s a 103 bus. We want the number 130.

Carlo : Where are we going to eat ?

Tim : It’s up to you. There’s a new Mexican restaurant in town.

Carlo : Oh, no. I can eat Mexican food at home. I love American food. Iỵd rather eat hamburgers.

Tim : Okay. I know exactly where we need to go !

a) 1 b) 2 c) 2