17 Language Focus Unit 15 Lớp 10 mới nhất



• Grammar and Vocabulary

Exercise 1. Hãy gạch dưới mệnh đề quan hệ trong những câu sau, và chỉ ra chúng là mệnh đề quan hệ hạn định (D) hay không hạn định (ND). Thêm dấu phẩy vào nơi cần thiết.

1. Washington D.c, which is located on the East Coast of the United States, has many interesting and historical places to visit. (ND)

2. Brasilia, which is located on Granada River, became to capital of Brazil in 1960. (ND)

3. Mexico city, which has a population of nearly 20,000,000. is the largest metropolitan area in the world. (ND)

4. Seoul, which hosted the 1988 summer Olympics, is well-known for its shopping centres. (ND)

5. Kyoto, which used to be the capital of Japan, has many temples. (ND)

Exercise 2. Hãy dùng Although để nối các câu sau.

1. Although there is not much to do in the countryside, 1 prefer living in the countryside.

2. Although there is much pollution in Los Angeles, it is an ideal place to live.

3. Although the shops are crowded, people are not buying much.

4. Although the city is a fovourite tourist destination for many people, it has its problems.

5. Although it is a safe neighbourhood, it is best to be careful.

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