17 Language Focus Unit 5 Lớp 10 Trang 60 mới nhất



• Grammar and Vocabulary

• The present perfect

Exercise 1. Tân mời Quang đến nhà chơi. Khi Quang đến, bạn ấy thấy … Em hãy viết vào vở bài tập những gì mà em nghĩ Tân đã làm trước khi Quang đến.

1. Tan has opened the door.

2. He has turned on the TV.

3. He has tidied the house.

4. He has cleaned the floor.

5. He has switched on the lights.

6. He has laid two bottles of water on the table.

• The present perfect passive

Exercise 2. Em hãy dựng câu theo mẫu

Ví dụ: new bridge / build / across the river.

-> A new bridge has been built across the river.

1. A new hospital for children has been built in our city.

2. Another man-made satellite has been sent up into space.

3. More and more trees have been cut down for wood by farmers.

4. Thousands of animals have been killed in the forest fire.

5. About one hundred buildings and houses have been destroyed in the earthquake.

6. More than 50 films have been shown in Ha Noi since June.

7. Their hands have been washed and dried on a towel.

8. Another book has been read by the students.

9. Some ink has been spilt on the carpet.

10. She has been shown how to do it.

Exercise 3. Điền vào chỗ trổng bằng who, which hoặc that.

1. A clock is a machine which tells you the time.

2. A fridge is a machine which is used for keeping food fresh.

3. April 1st is the day which is called April Fool’s Day in the West.

4. A nurse is a person who looks after patients.

5. A teacher is a person who gives lessons to students.

6. A blind person is the one who cannot see anything.

7. The man who you visited last month is a famous scientist.

8. Please think of a word which comes from a foreign language into Vietnamese.

9. These are the pictures which my son drew when he was young.

10. Can you help me find the man who saved the girl?

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