17 Language Focus Unit 8 Lớp 10 Trang 88 mới nhất



• Pronunciation

• Grammar and Vocabulary

Exercise 1. Hãy tường thuật những câu dưới đây, dùng động từ cho sẵn.

1. An old farmer said their living had changed a lot thanks to the knowledge their children had brought home.

2. She said she was going to Ho Chi Minh city soon.

3. 1 thought the film would be interesting.

4. She said she couldn’t help him / her / me because she had too much to do.

5. Rick told me that Ann had written Jim a letter.

6. He told me it took him three hours to get there because the roads were muddy and slippery.

7. She said she thought it was a crazy idea and that it wouldn’t work.

8. He announced that breakfast was served between 7:00 and 9:00.

Exercise 2. Hoàn thành câu bằng dạng đúng của động từ say, tell hoặc talk.

1. told       2. said       3. said       4. told        5. talked

Exercise 3. Hãy xem nhừng gì Hà Anh hi vọng sẽ thành hiện thực trong tưorng lai. Viết câu với If…,… will…

If I don’t go out so much, I will do more homework.

If I do more homework, I’ll pass my exam.

If I pass my exam. I’ll go to medical centre.

If I go to medical college, I’ll study medicine.

If I study medicine, I’ll become a doctor.

If 1 become a doctor, I’ll be able to cure diseases and help sick people.

Exercise 4. Điền When hoặc If vào mỗi chỗ trống.

1. If     2. When    3. If    4. If     5. When

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