17 Listening Unit 11 Lớp 11 Trang 128 mới nhất



Before you listen

Theo cặp, viết ra các dạng năng lượng sử dụng trong gia đình: petroleum, gas, coal, electricity, solar, panel.

While you listen

Task 1. Nghe và chọn đáp án A, B, c hay D để điển vào chỗ trống trong câu.


1.D       2. C      3. D      4. A        5. C

Task 2. Nghe lại để điền từ có trong bài nghe vào các chỗ trống.


1. unlimited

2. atmosphere

3. may

4. gases

5. amount


The natural environment includes all natural resources that are necessary for life: the air, the oceans, the sun, and the land. Because they are vital for life, these resources must be protected from pollution and conserved. Ecologists study their importance and how to use them carefully.

According to ecologists, resources are divided into two groups: renewable and non renewable. When a resource is used, it takes some time to replace it. If the resource can be replaced quickly, it is called renewable. If it cannot be replaced quickly and easily, it is nonrenewable. For example, grass for animals is a renewable resource. When cows eat the grass, the resource is used. If the soil is fertilized and protected, more grass will grow. Coal, however, is nonrenewable because it takes millions of years to make coal. All fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources.

Solar energy, air and water are renewable resources because there is an unlimited supply. However, this definition may change if people are not careful with these resources. The amount of solar energy that reaches the earth depends on the atmosphere. If the atmosphere is polluted, the solar energy that reaches the earth may be dangerous. If life is going to continue, the air must contain the correct amount of nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and other grass. If humans continue to pollute the air, it will not contain the correct amounts of these gases.

After you listen

Theo nhóm, vận dụng kiến thức từ bài nghe để xác định phân loại một sổ nguồn năng lượng phổ biến cho trong bài.




Geothermal heat


Solar energy



Wind energy


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