17 Writing Unit 3 Lớp 10 Trang 37 mới nhất



Viết lai lịch của một người.

Task 1: Hãy đọc sơ yếu lí lịch của ông Brown, và viết một đoạn văn về ông Brown, dùng các từ gợi ý sau.

Mr Brown was born on November 12, 1969, in Boston. He went to Kensington High School and passed exams In English, French and Mathematics. He worked as a tourist guide for a travel agency from June 1991 to December 1998, and from March 1999 to May 2002, he was a telephonist in a hotel. He likes music and dancing.

Task 2: Theo cặp, hãy hòi thông tin về bổ hoặc mẹ của bạn em và điền vào mẫu đơn sau.

You : Minh, can I ask you some questions about your father?

Minh : Yes, of course.

You : Do you mind telling me his name?

Minh : No problem. His name’s Nguyen Van Linh.

You : When and where was your father born?

Minh : He was born in Long An in 1958.

You : Where did he go to school?

Minh : He went to the local primary school.

You : Did he complete his secondary education?

Minh : No. He only completed primary education..

You : What does your father do now?

Minh : He’s a worker.

You : Where does he work?

Minh : He’s working in a textile factory (nhà máy dệt).                                                    

You : What does he work there exacily?

Minh : He’s in the packing section (bộ phận đóng gói).                                                    

You : How long has he been working there?

Minh : For about ten years.

You : What job did he do before this one?

Minh : No. He has just only this one.

You : What’s his interest?

Minh : He likes watching football.

You : Thanks a lot for your information.

Minh : That’s OK.

Name : Nguyen Van Linh Mr / Ms

Date of birlh : 1959

Place of birth : Ben Luc, Long An


School attended: local primary school                                                                  

Exams passed :  primary education

Job Date from Date to worker 1996 2006

Interests: watching football

Task 3: Hãy viết một đoạn vãn về bố hoặc mẹ của bạn em, sau đó nhờ bạn đọc lại và kiểm tra xem thông tin có đúng không.

My classmate’s father’s name is Nguyen Van Linh. He was born in Ben Luc, Long An provinve in 1958. He only completed his primary education in the local school. Now he’s a worker in a textile factory. He’s been working there since 1996. He does the work of packing all products. He likes watching football.

You : Minh, please read and check whether the information I’ve written I w n righi or not.

Minh : It’s OK.

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