17 Writing Unit 8 Lớp 11 Trang 96 mới nhất



Viết bài tả lại một trong các lễ hội phổ biến ở Việt Nam (ví dụ: ngày Tet, Trung Thu; lễ mừng Quốc Khánh, ngày Nhà Giáo, ngày Phụ Nữ…).

Bài viết phải bao gồm các điểm chính như:

• Tên của lễ hội

• Thời điểm của lễ hội

• Mục đích của lễ hội

• Các hoạt động chính của ngày lễ

• Cảm nghĩ của em về lễ hội.

Tham khảo bài viết về ngày phụ nữ:

It was a delight to me when I attended the celebration of last Mother’s Day at my cousin’s house. This special day falls on the second Sunday of May every year. This celebration provides the children with a special occasion to express their love and filial piety to their mother. This day is also the birthday of my cousin’s mother. On that day, my cousin bought a special present for his mother, a nice shawl. Moreover, he had special dinner with his mother’s favourite foods and with a cake, of course. Before the meal, his mother, he with all members of the family – his wife and children – gathered around the dinner table. We all sang ”Happy Birthday” to her. When the song finished, he and his wife gave the present to his mother and kissed her. Then his mother cut the cake. How touching this scene was! And I felt an undescribabie feeling overwheming my mind. This scene reminded me of my mother. I think this celebration should be observed by every child nationwide.

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